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Meet Ed

Ed is the original founder of Trader Bucks’. Born during the great depression, Ed can remember when a warm glass of water was a great meal. He proudly volunteered for service in the Korean War. In 1984 he married Candida Buck (therefore the Bucks’ – if you were wondering about the unusual punctuation). He went on to run a very successful landscaping business which he gave to his father. His generous spirit has always been a hallmark.

Having tried sales and several other jobs, Ed grew bored and restless. Remembering his service in Korea, Ed wanted to do more to help his fellow man.After 30 years in public service Ed retired.

Finding retirement dull, Ed grew restless once again and having always had a passion for antiquities and rare oddities he opened his Trader Bucks’ in 2004. Now in his eighties he still works hard every day and continues to be a sharp and very skilled appraiser or antiquities.

About Trader Bucks’

Trader Bucks’ was established in 2004 with the sole purpose of providing quality antiques and collectibles at reasonable prices.

We started out in a small 1500 square foot shop and have expanded over the years to our current facility of 6000 square feet. We currently carry a stock of over $500,000.00 in unique (many one of a kind) merchandise.

Trader Bucks’ is a family oriented place. One of the greatest compliments we receive is when one of our customers say they are right at home when they visit the store. We have a little bit of everything so the entire family can enjoy their shopping experience. From marble to masterpieces you will find it at Trader Bucks’.

Our main goal is to provide you a fun and fulfilling antique hunting experience. Antique shops are commonly stuffy and dull. Trader Bucks’ is full of fun and exciting items that will make you laugh and enjoy yourself while you hunt for that perfect item.Even though we have expanded to four times our original size we continue to pay close attention to the quality of our merchandise and the service we provide to each of our customers. We are always glad to see you and call you one of our valued customers and friends.


Trader Bucks’

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